Satya Nadella waxes lyrical about Windows 11

Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was seen singing praises for Windows 11, talking about how the company is reimagining everything with this latest and greatest version of the operating system.

He discussed the OS during the newest earnings call.

Seeing as how Windows 11 is a massive upgrade for the company’s desktop operating platform, Redmond rarely misses an opportunity to talk good about this release. And Nadella did the same during the latest Microsoft earnings call with analysts.

The gist of what he was getting at was that Windows 11 is supposed to help the company reimagine everything in the operating system.

His words:

“Windows 11 is the biggest update to our operating system in a decade. We’re reimagining everything – from the Windows platform to the store – to help people and organizations be more productive and secure, and to build a more open ecosystem for developers and creators.”

Nadella also talked about the smashing early success of the OS, revealing that the number of users that downloaded Windows 11 as part of the Windows Insider Program is higher than any other version of the operating system.

The buzz created by the OS is real:

“We’re delighted by early feedback. More people have downloaded our early builds than any other Windows release or update in the history of our insider program. And, along with our OEM ecosystem, we’re excited to bring Windows 11 to new PCs beginning this holiday.”

The Microsoft CEO capped it off by saying that Windows 11 is projected to launch later this year, with the first PCs powered by the new operating system on track to hit store shelves during the holiday season.

The anticipation is deafening!