Slow and steady, Windows 11 crosses 23% share mark


Slow and steady wins the race, some say. And Windows 11 certainly seems to believe in this mantra. The latest and greatest OS from Microsoft has climbed past the 23% market share mark.

Eight months since launch, the operating system is now almost the second most popular version of Windows. It continued its slow pick up during the months of May and June 2022, taking two months to get 3.4% percentage points.

It went from 19.7% in April of this year to 23.1% in June.

These latest figures have, of course, come from advertising network AdDuplex, which has just published its latest report about Windows 11 and 10 share. In a new color scheme, a combination of blue and yellow to show support for Ukraine.

AdDuplex June 2022

Although it did not report on the share of Windows 11 last month, the firm returns with figures for the operating system for this.

And, well, things are glacially slow here.

Despite its growth, Windows 11 could not bypass Windows 10 21H1 to become the second most popular release of the OS. Windows 10 version 21H1 holds 23.9% of the market, though it is down from the highs of 26.4% in April.

AdDuplex June 2022

Windows 10 21H2, on the other hand, is number one, with 38.2%, up from 35% in April.

The reason this version of Windows 10 got more users is due to Microsoft recently ending support for Windows 10 20H2 on May 10, and force updating this user base to the latest release.

Windows 11, meanwhile, remains an optional upgrade — that too, on supported hardware. What this means is that it is ultimately up to the users to decide whether to stay on Windows 10 or pull the trigger and upgrade to the latest version of the operating platform.

Perhaps the first feature update for Windows 11, which is due for release very soon, may play a part in this decision.