Snazzy new WhatsApp UWP app is in town


A new treat is coming your way. Signs point to a snazzy new WhatsApp UWP app heading to a modern Windows operating system near you. As in, Windows 10 and Windows 11.

That’s because a sneak peak at the beta version of this application has made its way up.

The web version of WhatsApp is a perfectly serviceable solution, though lacking native support and a range of features that only a dedicated application could provide. And this is exactly the thought process of the developers who seem to have collaborated with Redmond on this new arrival.

Of course, Facebook and Microsoft have a history together.

WhatsApp was one of the few apps that was frequently updated on Windows 10 Mobile — even when Microsoft announced the end of the line for its mobile operating system.

Unfortunately, that old WhatsApp client was based on Silverlight, meaning it was not a Universal Windows Platform app that could run across different versions of Windows.

Three years later, we have a new solution for this problem, written from scratch.

WhatsApp UWP

Based on the Electron framework, this new client aligns well with the modern visual look and feel of the Windows platform, including rounded corners that are a trademark feature of Windows 11. It also has a more modern design, including support for Acrylic.

WhatsApp has also baked in feature that should make this new app feel right at home on either of the operating systems. For example, you will be getting message notifications, even when the app is not running on your device.

WhatsApp UWP

It also has Windows Ink integration, as WhatsApp has included a new drawing feature that will let you annotate images and then upload them directly to the chat.

WhatsApp is yet to officially announce the new application for Windows 10 and Windows 11 users.

And while it is available for everyone, the app is still part of the beta development stage. You can grab it from the new and refreshed Microsoft Store using the link below, as long as you are running at least Windows 10 version 18362.

Download: WhatsApp Beta