Surface Pro 8 leak reveals 120Hz display, Thunderbolt

Surface Pro 8 Concept

Going the distance, are we? Microsoft has an event planned for this week, September 22 to be exact, which it has been promoting for a while now. Without hinting what is in store, of course.

This leak has come to the rescue, providing us with all we need to know.

As spotted by The Verge, promotional material of what appears to be the Surface Pro 8 has leaked. It seems to be a digital storefront listing for the device, and there is enough information here to truly get excited about the upcoming model.

Surface Pro 8 Leak

Apparently, the Surface Pro 8 will pack an 11th generation Intel process — no Alder Lake love this time once again — and a 13-inch display with a refresh rate of 120Hz, Thunderbolt support, and replaceable SSDs.

This is, obviously, the first time that a Surface device will support a 120Hz screen as well as Thunderbolt. And this clearly opens up many a use case, including gaming via external GPUs

The 13-inch display itself is also larger than the 12.3-inch affair present on the Surface Pro 7 and the Surface Pro 7+. A removable SSD is also not a new feature, as it was present in the Surface Pro 7+, but these are all welcome additions all things considered.

And an ideal evolution for the Surface family of devices.

No confirmation on whether the bezels will be even thinner this time around, but a natural assumption can be made. It is a raging trend of our times, after all.

Of course, all of this is speculation and none of these specifications have been confirmed by Microsoft yet. But they do appear to be the real deal, and we are likely to find out more on September 22 at right around 11 am ET.