The new Your Phone app is now on the line

Your Phone

Microsoft, in keeping good on its promise of updating the inbox apps for Windows 11 following the launch, has rolled out a new version of the popular Your Phone.

Inspired by Windows 11, obviously.

Your Phone is an application that lets you easily manage your Android smartphone on your Windows device, providing you access to the various features and functionalities of your mobile companion, including messages, calls, and photos.

This is what the company says in the post announcing this latest refresh of the application:

“The Your Phone app is evolving with an updated design that puts notifications at the center. Keep your phone in your pocket while staying on top of your life. The Your Phone app brings you an organized feed of your real-time notifications across all your most used apps.

In this new view, you’ll always have access to your messages, calls, and photos with the added benefit to stay on top of important messages and other notifications more efficiently with this glanceable view. The app also adopts the beauty of Windows 11 design to tie together your seamless experience on your Windows desktop.”

This is how it looks:

Your Phone App

The application now comes with a much more modern look, with the design of the UI updated to put focus on the most important things. You now also get a much clearer view of notifications in this new layout.

In fact, the notification center now functions as a feed, which is not only familiar, but also comes in handy as it comes with options to quickly reply to a message without having to open a different window or go to a different menu.

Furthermore, this app now makes it easier to access calls, messages, apps, and photos.

Overall, this new redesign, although not a complete reimagining, has enough new bells and whistles to make for a modern interface that aligns nicely with the look and feel of the Windows 11 operating system that is now about to be made available to more users.

This latest arrival comes merely a day after the launch of the new Media Player app that Redmond has cooked up for users to enjoy their multimedia on their Windows 11 device.

No ETA yet on when this lands in the hands of the general users, but that moment should not be far off after Insiders get through with the testing.

More of this, please!