There’s now a Microsoft Family Insider program


There’s a new kid on the block! Microsoft has introduced its Family Insider program, and invites you to join it to help shape family products that it offers, ahead of launch.

The idea behind this new initiative is to allow parents and guardians to directly engage with those developing the products and services. These include product leads, engineers, designers, and researcher, among others.

Microsoft Family Insiders

These insiders will provide feedback about upcoming products, with plenty of interaction and feedback opportunities to be at hand for these folks. You have monthly community calls, surveys, polls, and even one-to-one meetings withs relevant people at Microsoft.

The company talked about this initiative in brief detail, describing the perks as follows:

  • Connect with Microsoft teams to improve product experiences for families everywhere.
  • Preview new designs and test upcoming features before general release.
  • Get tips and tutorials for making the most of your Microsoft products.
  • Receive email newsletters with research opportunities and educational resources.
  • Earn Microsoft swag for engaging with the community and sharing your feedback!

Good selection.

Truth be told, while Microsoft is not as involved with dedicated family products as it was back in the 90s, with classic products like Picture It! and Encarta, the company has a growing selection of products that are intended for family use.

Family App

As an example, we have the Family widget in Windows 11, and there is also the more recent launch of Microsoft Defender for Individuals that is geared towards used by families to keep all their computers and mobile device protected.

This new program will bring it all together.

You can easily sign up for this preview program with this link, and then connect with the decision makers at Microsoft who are making new family related offerings over at Redmond.