These are the features coming soon to Microsoft Edge

Edge Features

One of the best web browsers on Windows is getting better. Redmond has just published a roadmap of the new features that are set to soon debut on Microsoft, and this is an impressive list.

The “What’s Next” section on the Edge Insider website has been updated today to include all the upcoming features and options that the browser will receive. A few of them are actually, in fact, currently rolling out.

Changes include Tab Groups to how Edge handles PDF files, as well as certain policy options.

Let’s take a look at some of the big upcoming additions.

Starting with Edge 94, free from text boxes will be supported in PDF documents that you can use to fill in forms and add visible notes. Also, starting with this version, the viewing and markup experience is improved with the addition of freeform highlighters on scanned and regular PDF documents.

Come Edge 97, it will be possible to launch the browser directly in a PWA, rather than a full native experience.

On the topic of PWA, notifications from progressive web apps will no longer show as coming from Edge, but will rather display the name of the web application instead. This change is due in Edge 94.

Starting with version 95, the handoff between IE mode and the modern web browser will be improved. Referrer headers, post data, forms data, and request methods will be properly forwarded across the two experiences after the transition.

Edge 93 will also make it easier to enter Picture-in-Picture mode. Hovering over a supported video will show a toolbar that will allow you to view that video in a PiP window.

Tab Groups will be a thing in this above version, and you will get the ability to categorize tabs into defined groups that will help you more effectively find, switch, and manage tabs across multiple workstreams.

You will also be able to hide the title bar while using Vertical Tabs in this version.

Edge 94 is due to get the capability to automatically translate unknown languages when you navigate to a page that displays content in a language that is not one that you have set up as known.

A whole host of other features are listed in the roadmap that you can take a look at here.

Since the feature roadmap has just been updated today, none of these changes are available in the stable channel yet. But these improvements will be gradually rolling out alongside other features that were added to the roadmap earlier.