These are the known issues in Windows 11


Windows 11 has touched down. Microsoft made available its new OS a day ahead of schedule in most parts of the planet, and the rollout continues in a staggered manner to eligible devices.

And while the new operating system packs in a ton of new features and improvements, there are also a few known issues that users of the OS should be aware of. The list is by no means long, and we only have three problems that we may want to keep tabs on.

In what is, the first public release of Windows 11.

Microsoft has listed these known issues in a separate document, and two out of three are blocking bugs. What this means is that the firm has put in place compatibility holds to safeguard users from running into problems were they to install the newly released operating system.

Goes without saying, the company also advises users against forcing the upgrade using other methods so as not to face these issues after deploying the new OS.

For what it’s worth, these issues are listed as compatibility problems between Windows 11 and various software. Pretty much par for the course at the time of the launch of a new platform.

As for the problematic things, we have issues with VirtualBox, Intel Killer networking software, and the Coc Coc web browser.

In case of VirtualBox, one possible workaround is to just remove Hyper-V or Windows Hypervisor temporarily. Oracle has promised that an update will land as soon as this month, but if you have no use of virtualization on your newly upgraded Windows 11 machine, then this is the way to go.

On the Intel front, internet speeds may be slower than expected on affected devices. And as far as the browser is concerned, Coc Coc might not open on Windows 11 altogether.

For users affected by Oracle VirtualBox and Coc Coc browser, Microsoft is putting in place safeguard blocks till the issues are resolved.

Fingers crossed that these issues get taken care of quick.