These are the new 3D emojis coming to Windows

New Emojis

The future is now! Microsoft has been busy. Busy working on a revamp of the emojis in Windows and various other services. And the result are these new 3D emojis that dramatically refresh the look.

Redmond has designed over 1800 of these emoticons after moving away from 2D and opting for 3D design and animations for these.

New Emojis Faces

Claire Anderson, Art Director & Emojiologist at the company’s design team has penned a lengthy post on Medium to talk about the work that has gone behind the scenes to create these emojis. Also discussed is professionalism when using them, and how they are evolving communication at work.

As for the design, the went with bright and bold forms in saturated colors.

New Emojis Colors

But care was taken so that the designs adhere to the connected icon system that the company talked about last year. And they also make draw inspiration from the Fluent Design philosophy.

Then there are five brand new emojis inspired by the new remote work paradigm.

New Emojis Remote Work

The more expressive nature of these emojis meant that this was the perfect opportunity for the return of the infamous Clippy emoji in place of the paperclip. This is something that Microsoft actually teased yesterday.

New Emojis Clippy

Some of these new emoji characters are now live on Flipgrid starting today, with the rest of them set to roll out in the coming weeks. The set will come to Windows and Teams this holiday season, while platforms like Outlook, Yammer, and more are set for the sparkle throughout 2022.

Microsoft has promised that it will bring its Fluent aesthetic to life to the Microsoft 365 productivity suit with not just emoji but also themes, backgrounds, illustrations, and more.