This is Windows 11 Start Menu 2.0

How would you like them widgets in your Windows 11 Start Menu? Or what about some icon groups? Because that’s exactly what this new concept that has floated up envisions.

Microsoft may have completely redesigned the Start Menu in the upcoming OS, and pulled a few surprises along the way. The famous Live Tiles are now part of history, and in their stead is a more static approach first introduced by Windows 10X.

This simplified Start Menu makes sense for so many people.

But others might want something a little spicier.

A concept recently published on Reddit provides us with a peek at this idea. It envisions the Windows 11 Start Menu with widgets and icon groups, thereby substantially improving the current design to better serve its purpose.


Start Menu 2.0 Concept

As you can see, the weather tile, which has now become a widget in Windows 11, makes the Start Menu more dynamic and animated. And you also have better organization of the icons thanks to icon groups that house relevant applications under one banner.

Or rather, application folders.

More importantly, widgets are far more useful here, where they are more likely to be seen.

Hard to tell whether Microsoft might go with something like this, not when the company already has a dedicated widget section. But making an interface like this optional would serve everyone well.