This looks like the new Windows 11 Paint app

Windows 11 Paint App

The new, new thing! Microsoft is working on refreshing almost all areas of the Windows 11 OS. And one such area of focus is the Paint app, one of the more beloved of applications in the operating platform.

At one point, this program was supposed to be replaced by Paint 3D, as Microsoft looked to a 3D future. But those days are behind us, as the company quickly regained senses. Here we are now, with the good old Paint set to make the cut for Windows 11.

And with a new coat of paint to boot — pardon the pun!

A Reddit user has recently discovered marketing material published by the official Windows account on Unsplash that include an early photo of what appears to be a modern version of the MS Paint app for Windows 11.

As you can see from the images above, everything appears to be a lot more polished, and more importantly, aligned with the overall UI of the upcoming operating system. Rounded corners, and all. Up top, you also have that flashy new toolbar that is now standard across the OS.

There is also support for pen input, which also makes total sense.

Overall, about as well rounded an effort as you might expect for one of the most used applications on the Windows platform.

And while these are early photos, with no official confirmation from Microsoft that the new Paint app is in development, its existence should come as no surprise considering the trajectory Windows 11 has taken in terms of improvements in almost all areas.

What are your thoughts on the new Paint app?