Upgraded Surface Pro X may be destined for arrival this fall

Surface Pro X

The Surface Pro X is one of the more interesting members of the Surface family from Microsoft. The company wants to pit it against the MacBook, even though the Apple M1 chip is hard to catch.

Still, that doesn’t stop Redmond from tying.

And trying again it is.

Apparently, the software titan is planning to launch a new version of its ARM-based Surface Pro X powered by Windows 11 in the near future. An engineering sample of this upcoming device has shown up on Geekbench, which shows some impressive gains against the current model.

Made public earlier this year, the benchmark listing shows an “OEMVL OEMV” prototype, in line with the naming scheme that has previously been used by Microsoft for its Surface lineup — including the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Book, and even Surface Go.

Surface Pro X Refresh Benchmark

The listing reveals that this machine is in the early stages of development given its naming scheme and single-core tests. Furthermore, company is testing the hardware with Windows 11 preview builds.

As the number show, the prototype was able to fetch a score of 1005 on single-core and 5574 on multicore. These results are significantly higher than when you compare it with the Surface Pro X with the SQ2 that managed to garner scores of 806 and 3247 respectively, single and multi.

Worth a mention that the device was benchmarked in the Balanced power plan, so it is very likely that the results will be higher if tests are run again with the machine in the High-Performance plan.

Surface Pro X Refresh Benchmarks

Nevertheless, while these are good performance numbers, they come nowhere near what Apple has managed to for its M1 chip. Qualcomm still has a long way to go to match the fruity company, which fetches scores nearing the 8000 range.

We should hear more about this next-generation rival from Microsoft for the M1 chip soon enough.