What is this “hardwear” that Microsoft is teasing?


Not often do you see Microsoft in a teasing move, but the company seems to be in one right about now. It is teasing something about “hardwear” for a drop on July 12 at 7pm PT.

And yeah, this is not a type or anything, perfect grammar.

Redmond’s new obsession can be observed in full over at its Instagram page, where this marketing has pretty much taken over. And not just now, the technology giant has been playfully talking about this for several weeks now.

Here are some hints for you to decode:

Still very hard to predict what this exactly is, but the best guess is that it is probably something clothing related from Microsoft. It is being promoted on Instagram, after all. And it is a combination of two words, hard and wear, instead of ware.

This could very much turn out to be something like the annual Windows ugly sweater that Microsoft sends out to journalists and recently allowed the public to purchase. Then again, this is a summer related item, as is evident from the timing and the teases provided.

Or it could be something more elaborate, but still in the clothing realm.

We can already see sneakers, hats, flowers, denim jeans, and jackets, in a few of the posts with this tag, a total of 12 to be exact.

Then again, there is a photo of some old school Windows PCs, which not only serves to provide us with a nostalgic feel but also hint at something hardware related.

The company does mention creativity a lot, so could this be about an actual device? We have not had a leak from the usual places regarding this, nor any other hints from the company about something in this category. Besides, we are just coming fresh off of the unveil of the Surface Laptop Go 2.

Don’t tell me this has got something to do with an actual wearable product, like a band or smartwatch.

That’s too cool to be true!

In any case, July 12 is not that far off, just a week away now. We should have the full picture by then, hopefully alongside an official announcement about what this “hardwear” deal is about. And if it is actually something as big as the company suggests.

Do judge it in the meantime, and see what you can make of these teases.