Windows 10 to get major feature updates once a year

Windows Update Cadence

As it should be. It may have taken Microsoft a better part of a decade, but it has finally made the sane decision to roll out major updates for its operating systems only once a year.

Windows 11 got in on the action first, and now Windows 10 has joined the fun, too.

The latter, of course, is coming hot off the availability of the November 2021 Update, also known as Windows 10 version 21H2. Microsoft is currently rolling out this refresh to users around the world, as long as they are running the May 2020 Update or newer.

More famously known as, version 2004.

To follow this up, the software titan has also announced a new update cadence for its older OS.

According to the company:

“The next Windows 10 feature update is slated for the second half of 2022. We will continue to support at least one version of Windows 10 through Oct. 14, 2025.”

Windows 10 will now also receive major updates once a year instead of every six months. This is to ensure a smoother development and testing cycle, as well as fewer issues — all making for a better overall experience for users.

Especially, IT admins.

This also nicely aligns the release cycle of the old operating system with the new. Windows 11 has been on this cadence from the start, and Windows 10 will continue with this until at least 2025, after which it will see sunset.