Windows 11 build 25151 here with fixes for Windows Security app

Windows Security Device

Microsoft has, once again on target, released a new Windows 11 preview build on Wednesday. This time we have Windows 11 build 25151 landing in the Dev channel of the program.

This is a version 23H2 build from the Sun Valley 3 development branch of the preview program, which is for the Windows 11 version that is destined be released next year in 2023.

And as usual, this new build brings plenty of changes and improvements to go with the usual splattering of bug fixes that we expect from such builds. Prime among them are fixes for a number of issues plaguing the Windows Security app.

To get an idea all that this version brings, give the announcement post a scan.

For starters, we have a couple of fixes for the File Explorer. Microsoft has fixed a scaling issue that could result in tabs being unexpectedly large. Also, right-clicking a tab and then clicking somewhere else in File Explorer should dismiss the context menu more reliably now.

Then we move onto Windows Security, where Redmond has taken care of a couple of problems.

First is a high hitting app crashes issue that the default security app suffered from. Another involves updating of the Exclusions page in the Windows Security app so that file paths now make better use of the available space rather than truncating when space is still available.

That’s about it for the major fixes.

There are a bunch of known issues discovered in Windows 11 build 25151, a whole bunch of them. Most of these involve the user interface, File Explorer, and widgets, and the details of all of these are available in the post linked above.