Windows 11 classic context menu getting a better design

Windows 11 Context Menu

Evolution is the name of the game. And Microsoft is all about it. Windows 11 is now generally available for users, and the new OS comes with a whole range of design changes and improvements.

Some of which are good, others not.

If you upgraded to the final release version of the operating system, that being build 22000, you already know that the modern context menu come with a “Show more options” that opens the original context menu with more options.

The redesigned context menu comes with icons for basic actions like copy, paste, rename, and delete, you know all the main things you might want to do. The reasoning for this change from Microsoft was that all these options were previously lost when third-party commands bloated the context menu.

And while this new right-click menu in Windows 11 is bigger, easier to read, and better to touch than Windows 10, it is also slower than what we had in the older OS.

It is these design issues that the software titan is now working to address.

As the screenshot below shows, the company is currently testing a new look for the context menu that appears when right-clicking a file or folder in the File Explorer or on the desktop.

Windows 11 Context Menu Redesign

This is, for all intents and purposes, the original context menu that we have all grown to love in Windows 10. Only, updated with a clean new design. Interestingly, it only uses the blue accent color and does not respect the accent color choice set in Windows 11 by the user.

Redmond is testing this improved implementation of the classic right-click menu in the Dev channel of the Windows Insider Program.

And while it is not yet clear when the new design will be rolled out, it should in a future release after Microsoft eventually applies some tweaks to make it even better. At the most, we are looking at this new context menu to be included in Windows 11 version 22H2, set to arrive in October 2022.

But seeing as the modern implementation was seen as a bit clunky and slow by power users, it is nice to see the company listening and making changes based on the feedback it got from the Windows community.

More of this, please!