Windows 11 getting a new security hub?

Security Defender

With Windows 11 finally be out in the wild, Microsoft now appears to have shifted focus on refinements to the various features in its shiny new operating system. And about time, too!

We already know that the company is working on a new media player for Windows 11, the details of which have been slowly trickling out. Then there are the various UI elements including volume controls and more that are also getting a look.

Now there is talk that the company is also readying a new security hub for the new OS.

It will be called Microsoft Defender, unsurprisingly.

As the tweet above shows, the application is seemingly in preview right now, with its purported codename being Gibraltar.

But while very little is known about this new addition to the platform right now, there is intelligence that it will serve as a dashboard for all connected devices and products. It will be based on WinUI and will feature Fluent Design elements in a very simple interface.

The idea being to provide seamless, personalized protection for all connected accounts.

Of course, Windows 10 and Windows 11 both come with the Windows Security app that allows anyone to view the security status of their machine, and turn features like firewall and protection from unwanted programs on or off.

But good to see Microsoft has stuff in the pipeline for Windows 11, even as the leak is short on details.

And this comes as no surprise, as the software titan has been very clear on the matter that it aims to take the security aspect of its new operating system very seriously. Redmond even put up a video to show this watertight security in action recently.

We should have more on Microsoft Defender soon.