Windows 11 is all about quality, says Panos Panay

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Truer words have never been spoken. Or have they? Panos Panay sure seems to be the right man at the right time as far as heading the hardware and software efforts over at Redmond goes.

And while there have been differing opinions regarding the usability of the latest version of Windows, few will deny that most thing the development teams have tried have been dipped in quality sauce — that is to say that the new features and additions in the OS come with necessary attention to detail.

Quality be the mantra for Microsoft.

And that is exactly what Panos Panay reiterated today at Computex 2022, in a discussion with Nicole Dezen, the CVP of Device Partners Sales at the company.

Echoing the statement that quality of the operating system was the highest priority for the Windows 11 development team, Panay said:

“And it (Windows 11) has the highest quality scores. Here’s the most important thing for our team, quality, quality, quality. People using it are finding the quality in the product, which has just been awesome. That also translates to product satisfaction. It is the highest product satisfaction of any version of Windows we’ve ever shipped. You kind of see that.”

You can watch it below:

Of course, this is not the first time Panos Panay has hinted at something like this.

In a January blog post penned by the Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer at Microsoft, he claimed that Windows 11 had the highest quality scores and product satisfaction of any version of Windows that the company had ever shipped.

In fact, product quality was a huge focus for the team.

Back to the Computex keynote, Panos also talked about other things like the various features baked into Windows 11, as well as the hybrid work culture that has become prevalent since the COVID pandemic.