Windows 11 is now as fast as Windows 10


Took a little while, but Microsoft has come good on its promise of optimizing the performance of its latest and greatest operating system. Windows 11 can now finally keep up with Windows 10.

And this is a major milestone for the shiny new platform.

Redmond has been adamant how it has designed the new OS to get the best out of hardware. Modern hardware, if you will, but optimizing for every ounce of performance was something the software titan took very seriously.

It even went on record to say that Windows 11 will be faster than ever before in 2022.

Well, 2022 is here, so how we looking?

Looks like Microsoft was not exaggerating, as the latest data by system builder Puget Systems finds that Windows 11 is now indeed faster than it was previously. It may not yet have a clear advantage over Windows 10, but the two operating systems continue to trade blows in terms of hardware performance.

Matt Bach, senior labs technical at the company writes:

“The last time we compared Windows 11 to Windows 10 for video editing, rendering, and game development, we found that Windows 10 typically gave measurably higher performance than Windows 11. That was right after Windows 11 officially launched, however, and there have been a host of updates, and even entire new generations of CPUs launched, since then.

The good news is that we didn’t see nearly as many performance issues with Windows 11 this time around, so many of the problems we saw at launch seem to have been worked out. On the other hand, Windows 11 also wasn’t a clear winner over Windows 10 in most cases.”

Good stuff.

The firm put to test both operating systems in a variety of real-world test scenarios to measure the amount of performance, including a range of hardware and software, including both Intel and AMD processors, and applications like Premiere Pro, V-Ray, and Unreal Engine.

And, long story short, the measurably high speed and performance advantage that Windows 10 had on its younger brother is no more. The new OS is now much more at home in performance intensive tasks.

You can read the full test results here.