Windows 11 may get a new search widget in the taskbar

Search Widget Taskbar

Facepalm! Apparently, there are not enough search fields in Windows 11. Microsoft definitely thinks so, as the company keeps adding more and more of these elements in the operating system.

Fresh of introducing a couple of notable new features in the latest preview build of the OS, Microsoft appears to be thinking about making a few more changes. Build 25136 recently made its way out, adding a tabbed File Explorer and dynamic widgets to the taskbar.

But it turns out that there is a new widget hidden from the public eye.

As discovered, Redmond is experimenting with yet another search bar in Windows 11. This one is placed in the bottom-left corner of the screen as a button alongside the weather widget.

Search Widget Taskbar

Not the most inspiring of implementations, eh?

This new search widget joins the controversial search bar on the desktop that the company recently announced for Insiders. Having more options is fine and all, but no one ever said that searching in Windows 11 was hard.

An option like this is very much redundant when you already have several avenues to search in the OS.

Of course, this is a hidden experimental feature in Windows 11 that Microsoft is simply testing right now. There is no indication whatsoever that this will ship to all users in the final bits. This is simply a way for the company to collect feedback from the user base, that is all.

That said, there still are a lot of missing taskbar features that Microsoft would do well to focus on, like the small taskbar option and ungrouping.

What do you think?