Windows 11 Media Player picks up video enhancements

Windows Media Player Video

The world was first introduced to the shiny new Media Player for Windows 11 in November 2021, and the app was released to the public in early 2022. And now, the app has received major improvements.

Technically, this new UWP app replaces Groove Music, which itself replaced the iconic Windows Media Player. In that sense, Microsoft sees this as a successor to the multimedia program that was a mainstay on older versions of the operating system for ages.

When taken in that context, the improvements packed in this new version make sense.

The version number in question is 11.2203.30.0, and it is available on the new Microsoft Store for Windows 11 for everyone.

Two notable changes are part of this latest release — the introduction of Music Library and video enhancement options.

Windows Media Player Music Library

As the screenshot above shows, the new music library experience now makes it possible to quickly switch between the different views on the artist page when browsing your collection. You can also perform quick actions when you hover over albums, artists, videos and playlists.

Windows Media Player Menu

Another major change is support for the video enhancements options dialog that appears when you are playing a video in Media Player. It can also be accessed if you right-click anywhere on the playing screen.

Windows Media Player Video Enhancements

A right-click opens up the context menu where you can adjust the brightness and contrast of your video from one convenient location.

Microsoft also says that it has worked on improving the performance of the Media Player, always a very important consideration, especially for devices with very large music libraries.

All in all, a good update for a very good app.

You can check the app out and download it via the link below.

Download: Windows Media Player