Windows 11 on Apple silicon not a supported scenario

Apple M1 Chip

Take that as you may. Microsoft is getting ready to launch Windows 11 next month, and naturally the world is getting ready to install the operating system on a variety of hardware.

Both supported and unsupported.

Naturally, some people are hoping to install the new OS on their Macs, not necessarily using Parallels for emulation, but as a native option on these sleek devices. However, they will not be pleased to know that Microsoft does not reinforce this notion.

According to this report, Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 11 running on the M1 chip is not a supported scenario, despite the operating system still supporting Apple silicon via emulation software.

Apple, of course, launched its ARM-based M1 chip last fall, and it smokes the competition when it comes to performance. Rumor has it that the fruity company is gearing up to launch the M1X update that would power a new generation of Mac computers.

The unveil of this successor chip could take place in October as part of a second Apple event this fall.

And while the news that running Windows 11 natively on these devices remains an unsupported scenario is not exactly what these users might want to hear, it remains to be seen how the new OS will run on these machines.

Even if Microsoft does not officially support such a notion.