Windows 11 on Surface Duo is now a reality

Surface Duo

The Windows community never disappoints! Hackers continue to make wave in this space, working on different passion projects for Microsoft devices that sees old devices meet new operating systems.

This time around, we have the Surface Duo.

The Android powered handled has been dual-booted with Windows 11.

News of this arrived a couple of months back, though the results then were not as encouraging. While the fully featured OS was able to boot on the mobile handset, several basic features were not available at that time.

Further tinkering has allowed for some noteworthy progress in the time since.

Gustave Monce, who has been working on this, shared some new milestones recently. Describing the performance of Windows 11 as still being a bit glitchy currently, he did confirm that you can get access to the notification panel in the operating system, as well as add multiple desktops via Task View.

No word yet on whether key features like camera and app spanning are functional on the Windows 11 powered Surface Duo.

Though with the dual-screen layout working fine, it is possible to run two apps side by side.

Speaking of working, touch was not working when Gustave first booted Windows 11 on the Duo, and it still is not working now. The device is currently being controlled by a mouse, though the developer is quite hopeful that he will be able to enable touch input on the handset.

Of course, this is not something that Surface Duo owners will be rushing to deploy on their devices just yet, as the project is a long way to go. The performance is unstable and using the main Windows 11 on a display this small may not even be practical.

But the option is there if the Duo is not your primary device.