Windows 11 rolling out to more PCs

Windows 11 rolling out to more PCs

Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rollin’. This Limp Bizkit song is the tune of the moment for Windows 11, as the new OS continues to make its mark. Rollout of the latest version of Windows has picked up pace.

Microsoft made its fresh new operating system available earlier this month — in limited capacity. But now, having gathered the required intelligence and taking note of the major bugs, the company is now confident enough to push the OS to more PCs.

The company is now slowly increasing the number of Windows 10 devices that are eligible to receive the latest release.

Redmond shared the good news on the Windows 10 Health Dashboard yesterday, explaining:

“The availability of Windows 11 has been increased and we are leveraging our latest generation machine learning model to offer the upgrade to an expanded set of eligible devices. We recommend that you upgrade your devices to Windows 11 to take advantage of the latest features and advanced protections from security threats. We will continue to train our machine learning model throughout the phased rollout to deliver a smooth upgrade experience.”

Don’t you just love it when things go according to plan!

To check whether Windows 11 is available for your device, you simply need to open your Windows Update settings and then check for updates by clicking or tapping on it. Of course, for those of you who are comfortable enough to manually upgrade your computer, there are ways to go that route too.

But the important thing is that things are going at a steady pace for Microsoft, and the company is finally confident enough to puts its latest creation in front of more users now.