Windows 11 SE will be the S Mode of the new OS

Windows 10 S Mode

Windows 11 should be here soon as a new generation refresh of the operating platform. And while this new OS comes packing a lot of new stuff, it will carry on a lot of contemporary features.

One such existing feature is S Mode.

It appears that Microsoft does not want to give up on the S Mode just yet, and the company is planning to offer an SKU of Windows 11 that will offer this dedicated option for users and organizations that prefer it.

This has been revealed by Mary Jo Foley, a Microsoft watcher that is almost always right.

Windows 11 SE, then, is very likely to be the codename of this upcoming SKU of the operating system that can be installed on devices that come with this mode preloaded. In other words, Microsoft is unlikely to make any big changes to the available SKUs of its flagship OS.

Although it has few fans, the S Mode in Windows 10 is a version of the operating system that restricts the use of apps to the Microsoft Store, thereby boosting security and ensuring improved performance.

If someone wants to install an application that is not available in the Microsoft Store, they will have to permanently switch out of S Mode.

There is no charge to switch out of S Mode, but it is not possible to turn it back on. Users retain the option of removing the S Mode and upgrading to the full Windows 10. Organizations, however, can choose to keep all their devices in S Mode, and block users from switching out of it.

Chances are, that the upcoming Windows 11 will use a similar approach.

Only, this feature will go by with a new name.