Windows 11 sure is inspired by PowerToys


Windows 11 has a lot going for it in terms of new features, but not all of its ideas are wholly original. The OS is borrowing some from other places, including solutions like PowerToys.

If you are a fan of utilities, then you probably heard about this collection of tools from Microsoft.

This is a set of freeware system utilities designed for power users. They are basically little programs that add or change features to add more customization or maximize productivity. PowerToys has roots in Windows 95, but Microsoft gave these beloved tools a reboot for Windows 10 a couple of years ago.

And it has gained an enthusiastic following since then.

Now, while PowerToys has its own thing going, with regular updates released by the development team, it seems that another development team got inspired by what the toolset has to offer — the main Windows team.

Windows 11 developers have simply transplanted at least two PowerToys directly into the operating system, namely Universal Mute and Snap Layouts.

Universal Mute is a utility that found a lot of following during the pandemic with so many people working remotely. And it is now a feature that is there in Windows 11 now, with a single button making it possible to mute your microphone straight from the Taskbar.

No more hunting through open windows to fund your video conferencing app and hit mute there.

The same is true of the Snap Layouts feature that makes it easy to quickly organize open windows into various grid arrangements, basically avoiding the need to manually resize each one by one. With monitor sizes and resolutions getting bigger by the year, this is an essential feature.

Only, PowerToys got there first, with its FancyZones implementation.

Makes one wonder where PowerToys will go next. Will we get a new version of the tool specifically aimed at Windows 11? Will more of its ideas make the migration to the operating system itself?