Windows 11 weather widget is getting more accurate


The weather is particularly lovely today! Microsoft agrees too, as the company has done some background work to improve how the weather widget in Windows 11 displays its forecasts.

Those of you out in the sun may not be aware that weather readings have been all over the place in the new operating system lately. The software titan actually confirmed last month that weather reporting and reading was broken in the latest preview builds.

Issues ranged from incorrect location detection to inconsistent predictions compared to the stock Weather app included in the OS.

Apparently, this had been going for quite a while now:

But the recent updates for Windows Widgets have finally mitigated this quite annoying bug, with users reporting much higher location accuracy.

Not just that, users have also noticed that the location icon in the notification area now confirms that widgets are using their precise location. In other words, the operating system is now getting your location info to beam accurate weather forecasts for where you currently are.

Just the way things should be!

This has been confirmed by Jen Gentleman from the Windows engineering team:

Obviously, you will have to enable the Location setting on your device for you to make use of this feature. On the flipside, if you do not have use of this feature, you can also disable it on your system with ease.

Speaking of widgets, Redmond is currently testing an update and more interactive taskbar widget in Windows 11 in build 25158. The OS can swap the weather forecast with stock info or different sports results. The idea being to provide users with more information in fewer clicks.