Windows 11 within touching distance of 20% share on Steam


If you were hoping Microsoft’s latest and greatest to cross this healthy milestone this month, then prepare to wait a while yet. Windows 11 only continued its steady climb in May 2022.

This has been revealed in the results of the Steam hardware survey that Valve has now updated.

In May, the new OS went up from 18.94% to 19.59%, which means that almost every fifth Steam users switched to the latest operating system. There is a long way to go still in dethroning the king, which clearly is Windows 10 with 73.89%.

The older OS, in fact, gained 0.34 percentage points within this time span. And with Microsoft planning to support Windows 10 at least until 2025, this version of Windows will not be losing ground any time soon.

Whatever organic growth has to come for Windows 11, the OS will have to do itself.

Speaking of other versions of the operating system, older versions of the OS lost some slight market share. But even then, their combined slice of the pie is slightly more than 3%, which means that millions continue to rely on these out of favor versions.

That’s not too troubling for Microsoft, of course, considering the fact that some 96.68% of Steam users prefer Windows to other operating platforms. And this is a figure that continues to grow, going up by no less than 0.37 percentage points.

Other operating systems are highlighted by Apple macOS with its 2.20%, down -0.35 percentage points, while Linux is in third place with just 1.12% to its name, also going down -0.02 percentage points.

It’s good to be Microsoft in these parts of the wood!