Windows 365 has launched

Windows 365

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Windows 365. Unveiled back in July at the Inspire conference, and billed as Cloud PC, the service offers a new way for users to experience Windows.

This new service is hosted on the Microsoft Cloud, and allows customers to securely stream the full Windows experience to both personal and corporate devices — complete with all their apps, data, and settings.

The availability of faster and omnipresent internet connections has finally made beaming a whole operating system down from the cloud viable, and streaming it to computers.

Windows 365 is currently powered by Windows 10, but will soon offer Windows 11 once the new operating system becomes available later this year.

Redmond has also shared pricing details of the Windows 365 service.

And boy is it ritzy or what!

The software titan currently offered three subscription tiers for Windows 365, with the Business and Enterprise offerings having some slight differences. The main difference being that Business subscriptions are restricted to 300 users, while Enterprise customers can be unlimited.

Secondly, business customers can access the service via a portal, while enterprise clients will need to have it integrated with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

As for prices, the tiers are Basic, Standard, and Premium, costing $31, $41, and $66 per user per month respectively. The company also offers the ability to customize these in the full list of tiers where prices range from $20 to $162, depending on configuration.

In terms of hardware, Basic tier gets you 2 vCPUs, 4 GB RAM, and 128 GB storage, enough for light productivity and web browsing. On the high end of the spectrum, you have 4 vCPU2, 16 GB RAM and 128GB storage, which should be at home for heaving data processing and high-performance workloads.

You can find more the more details over at the Windows 365 product page.