Windows Terminal 1.15 here with new features

Windows Terminal

The essential developer tool just picked up a new update. Windows Terminal 1.15 is what the application is now up to, and this new release brings with it a lot.

One of the highlights is the ability to use your keyboard to select any text in the text buffer with mark mode. Microsoft has also added in experimental support for scrolls marks and more in this release, and this will allow you to scroll to each scroll mark via the provided actions.

The company describes the keyboard selection functionality as:

“You can now use your keyboard to select any text in the text buffer with mark mode! You can enter mark mode by typing Ctrl + Shift + M. When in mark mode, you can use the arrow keys to move to your starting position, then you can hold Shift and use the arrow keys to make your selection. Esc will exit mark mode and Ctrl + A selects all text in the buffer.”

Windows Terminal Preview 1.15 also removes the patch that prevented unexpected black backgrounds from appearing while PowerShell is running.

This new release includes a metric ton of improvements and bug fixes, the elaborate details of which you can gather by giving the announcement post a scan.

Windows Terminal Mark

Also available alongside this new preview release is an update to the stable version. The latest version there is Windows Terminal 1.14.186 that brings over fixes from the previous preview channel release that brought fixes for several crash issues and more.

Microsoft notes that the text rendering engine is not available in this update.

As always, you can download both Windows Terminal and Windows Terminal Preview from either the Microsoft Store or from the GitHub release page of the project. Either option is good to getting the latest bits of this terminal tool.