Windows Update process picks up major improvements

Time For An Update

Time for an update? This time it should not only go fast but also burn less fuel. That’s because Microsoft has made the Windows Update process a lot better with a couple of key improvements.

These arrive alongside the Windows 11 2022 Update that took flight a couple of days back.

The software titan has highlighted two big changes that you will immediately notice in this new and improved servicing process following the launch of this first major update for the OS. And they apply to both feature updates and monthly updates.

For starters, Microsoft emphasizes how it has significantly reduced the size of Windows updates, which in return, has resulted in faster installs.

Redmond claims that for some users the updates are reduced by up to 450 MB on the feature updates side of things. On the monthly update side, Microsoft says that it reclaimed 100s of MB of disk footprint to give back to the user.

So far, so good.

But this next improvement is equally important considering the world we now find ourselves in.

With climate change starting to wreck things across the planet, Microsoft is now keeping tabs on carbon footprints. This will allow the company to make sure that Windows attempts to update during times when there are a greater number of clean energy sources like wind, solar, and hydro available.

Windows Update Carbon Emissions

This, the software titan says, should result in reduced carbon emissions as Windows PCs around the globe move away from energy sources based on fossil fuels — at least, during the update process.

Overall, this is good, responsible behavior from Microsoft on two of the most pressing optimizations needed by the Windows platform when it comes to servicing.

You can read all the technical details about the size savings and the environment savings if you want.