Xbox Keystone to be a cloud powered home console

Xbox Keystone

Hmm, makes sense, I guess. Things are slowly starting to heat up as far as Xbox Keystone is concerned. This being the codename of a hardware that has been on the stove for a long, long time.

Although early chatter about such a gaming console could be heard years back, it was only a couple of months ago did we start getting more information regarding it.

And today, we have found some additional details about how things are shaping up.

As reported, Keystone is set to be positioned as more of a home console powered by the cloud, rather than being a simple streaming stick as was earlier alluded to. The idea behind this machine is for it to run Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cloud gaming solution, which itself has been on a bit of a high.

Apparently, Microsoft wants this device to run a stripped-down version of Windows, and the company may even pack other media streaming solutions like its own Movies & TV, as well as Netflix and Disney+.

You know, make it a fully featured multimedia device, while at it.

It is believed that the current version that is under development is roughly an inch thick with a square form factor. The report describes it as being similar to the top of an Xbox Series X shaved off. This pretty much makes it the smallest Xbox console if it launches in its current physical state.

In terms of connectivity, expect USB ports to attach peripherals, as well as an Ethernet port and Wi-Fi 5 for internet usage. With the Wi-Fi 6 standard now being available, and Microsoft not packing it, it may be possible that the company is aiming for 1080p gaming at 60fps.

No point in targeting 4K, considering the market this device is aimed for.

The report claims that Keystone could be priced at $99, with the $15/month for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate being an additional cost. With this mind, this new device will probably only be made available in regions where Xbox Cloud Gaming is supported.

That said, we are looking at a 2023 launch here, depending on how long it takes Microsoft to define and refine the feature set of this new machine.