Zoom, Canva, WinZip arrive as full apps for Windows 11

Zoom Canva WinZip

It’s happening! Microsoft has a new strategy in place for the Microsoft Store on Windows 11, one where it allows developers to use their own monetization method for licensing.

Instead of, you know, relying on Microsoft and its own payment system that has been the case up until now. This change of direction looked like it would make the apps repository more enticing for software developers — particularly those with expertise in creating those traditional Win32 programs.

Full applications, as they are sometimes called.

Well, lo and behold, these full applications have now started to arrive on the Microsoft Store for Windows 11. A number of big hitters are already available, including Zoom Meetings, OBS Studio, Canva, even good old WinZip.

All of these applications are the latest versions from the companies, as you would expect.

Obviously, you could always download these programs from the web directly, as you normally would. But having a trusted source, a single place where you can find and manage all your applications is a good thing.

Plus, there is a bonus in that Windows 11 ships with x64 support for Windows on ARM, and this allows you to install applications like OBS Studio on devices like the Surface Pro X.

Now, that’s a win, if there ever was one!

These new applications made their way out soon after the first official Insider build was released on Monday. To find them, all you need to do is search for them from within the Microsoft Store that is included on Windows 11.

Happy hunting!