Driver documentation hints at October launch for Windows 11


Driver documentation to the rescue! While Microsoft might be mum as a mummy when it comes to when Windows 11 might launch, we have had plenty of hints here and there on the matter.

Some from the company itself, others from partners, or hardware makers, even Satya Nadella himself.

No official word from Microsoft yet about when the new operating system will be ready for prime time, but the month of October is likely the one that will witness the big launch. And we have another clue reaffirming this.

A scan of the driver documentation for the new OS points to September being the deadline for OEMs to send their drivers for Windows 11 so that Redmond has enough time to include them in the installation image of the operating system.

It read:

“Windows 11, version 21H2 based systems may ship with drivers that have achieved compatibility with Windows 10, version 2004 until September 24, 2021. Partners looking to achieve compatibility for systems shipping with Windows 11, version 21H2 Release may factory-install drivers for components that achieved compatibility with Windows 10, version 2004 until September 24, 2021.”

So, for all intents and purposes, October seems to have been penciled in as to when the rollout to production devices is supposed to begin.

We should have a concrete launch data once the time draws near.

Windows 11 will be offered as a free download to eligible computers beginning holiday season 2021, with the rollout projected to continue well into 2022. In fact, most Windows 10 computers will likely get the signal to upgrade only next year.