Edge extensions show up in the Microsoft Store

Edge Extensions

Even more! You will soon be able to get all your Edge extensions straight from the new Microsoft Store instead of the website, as these addons have made their appearance known on the repository.

The new store technically saw daylight last Monday, when Redmond released the first preview build of Windows 11 to Insiders enrolled in the testing program. Since then, we have had a whole bunch of classic programs mark their arrival there.

Including, just now, Acrobat Reader DC from Adobe.

But extensions for the Microsoft Edge web browser are already there on the store, though they are not separately classified yet. What this means is that you will have to search for them there, but these addons are there alright.

Hopefully, once things crystalize a bit, a better top-down way to browse extensions in the Microsoft Store will become available. These are still the earliest of days for the repository, and plenty of time to bake in classifications at a later point in time along with other refinements and improvements.

And while this is not huge news on its own, the addition of these extensions continues to add value to the new Microsoft Store.

With enhanced support for applications, including classic Win32 programs and PWAs, the ability for developers to use their own third-party payment systems, the arrival of Android applications, and now these Edge extensions, it is become clear just how high Microsoft is aiming for here.

Here’s hoping it all pans out.