Microsoft defends Windows 11 Start Menu design

Windows 11 Start Menu Design

Hot take! Get your hot take here! Windows 11 has been out for a while now, and though it is a solid enough operating system, there are some sides of it that continue to get a bad rap from users.

Most prominently, the refreshed and redesigned Start Menu in the OS.

Or, rather, the whole Start and desktop experience.

The primary reason for this outrage from the user base is the lack of expected features. Several options are missing in the current implementation. And on top of that, the Start Menu and the Taskbar both come with a few unnecessary changes.

At least, that is what a fair few of Windows 11 users think.

Fact is, the lively and interactive Start Menu of previous versions of Windows is gone, and it has been replaced by a design that is clearly inspired by Windows 10X, which itself was starstruck by Android. Most notably, key personalization features are missing from this current implementation.

But as this video above shows, Microsoft is still very proud of its creation.

Redmond has, in fact, started emailing Windows 11 Insiders on the Release, Beta, and Dev channels to issue them a reminder that the Start Menu has been built around feedback from the users. The whole design, the company says, is centered around those who use this feature the most.

The software titan further says that it listened to feedback and did a lot of research on key ideas and usability questions to create an experience that is both new and familiar.

Nevertheless, this is not something everyone is buying.

Users continue to criticize the company for its design choices, with many going off in the comments section that Microsoft has created a dull Start Menu without any options to customize it. Others added that they wanted the ability to personalize it like before.

No matter which side of the fence you find yourself, there is no getting around the fact that the Start Menu in Windows 11 remains one of the more controversial aspects of the new platform.

What are your thoughts on it?