Microsoft pauses Windows 365 free trials due to high demand


Quick! Somebody hit that damn pause button! Interest in Microsoft’s new Cloud PC service seems to be high, as the free trails for Windows 365 reached capacity in just a single day.

The company has paused the free trials for the time being, and people can either sign up for a paid subscription now or wait to be notified when trials resume. Redmond has promised that it is adding more capacity.

Microsoft shared the news in a tweet on the official Microsoft 365 Twitter account:

Scott Manchester, director of program management Windows 365, talked about how the company saw an unbelievable response to its new subscription service.

Windows 365 only launched on Monday, August 2, but interest in the service had been building up for around a year now, when rumors about it first started surfacing. Right now, the service is only available for business or enterprise users.

Those who get in, will find that they are able to access a cloud PC from a range of devices, everything from computers to tablets, Macs, iPads, Android, whatnot. Prices start at $20 per month, and go up to as high as $162 per user per month — depending on how much RAM, storage and data requirements.

Regardless, looks like everyone wants in right now, if nothing, then to check what this new service can do for them and their organization.

Let’s see when Microsoft opens up the free trials back again.