New Windows 11 Sound Recorder app making waves

Sound Waves

If there are two things Microsoft is trying with Windows 11, under the guidance of Panos Panay that is to say, is the focus on streamlining the user interface and refreshing the bundled apps with the OS.

We continue to get a taste of what’s cooking with the former, but things on the other side of the fence are no less exciting.

A bunch of these inbox apps have been given a new look and new features in recent months. Paint, Photos, Notepad, are the more notable ones, but it is clear that the Redmond based company wants to use the opportunity provided by new OS to make its bundled application as modern as they can be.

And the story continues with the Sound Recorder app that is set to replace the handy Voice Recorder app that has been there since the Windows 10 era.

Sound Recorder App

This new application borrows its visual design from WinUI, complete with rounded corners and an included dark mode. But added functionality is also part and parcel of this new software like a new graph to better understand the frequency of your recorded audio.

Sound Recorder App

It is also possible to change the file format withing the Sound Recorder. Previously, users were only allowed to modify this outside the application.

You also have new visualizations for audio during records and placement.

Sound Recorder App

Additionally, thanks to the new feature set, it is also now possible to change the recording device. This, naturally, only works when your device is connected to multiple audio hardware. Good option for those that have multiple mics lying around.

Microsoft has confirmed that the updated Sound Recorder will replace Voice Recorder when it is released to the general public later this year. The company is currently testing out the features and looking for feedback and suggestions in the Feedback Hub.