So, it seems the rounded Taskbar corners was a bug


Bugs. They come in all shapes and sizes! Apparently, one recently snuck out and created a scene as some users found out that the Taskbar in their Windows 11 installation became rounded.

There were few that believed this was a new design change that Microsoft was perhaps testing.

Apparently not.

The main man, Brandon LeBlanc, himself has confirmed that this looks like a bug and that the software titan is not conducting any A/B tests for this feature. The Senior Program Manager on the Windows Insider Team says that this is simply something that alters the normal functioning of the user interface.

Of course, as you would expect, there is no shortage of users that want to make this bug a reality.

They are asking Microsoft to make this a feature, and allow Windows 11 users an option to make the corners of the Taskbar rounded to better align with the rest of the user interface of the operating system that is — shall we say — very well rounded.

Whether something like this actually happens is still up in the air.

Rounded Taskbar

But this undocumented feature appeared for users that downloaded Windows 11 build 25174.1000 from the Dev channel. This was earlier the case with build 25131, which also made the corners round, alongside adding several Microsoft Store updates.

Only this time, there is evidence to back up this claim.

The Reddit user indicated that the rounded corners appeared randomly, and did not disappear even after trying to update the display drivers. It did, however, disappear after restarting explorer.exe via Command Prompt.

Bugs work in mysterious ways!