Windows 11 build 25131 unleashes the new Microsoft Store experience

Using Microsoft Store

Redmond has today released Windows 11 build 25131 to the Dev channel. This is from the anticipated Sun Valley 3 development branch that will eventually become the version of the OS due in 2023.

In terms of new additions, the main highlight are fixes and more fixes.

However, Dev channel Insiders will also be treated to a new Microsoft Store experience that the software titan has been building towards for a while now — complete with improved application support and faster navigation.

Let’s get to these changes first.

Build 25131 Faster Navigation

We have native ARM64 support this time around, meaning you will notice better performance when opening the Microsoft Store application on an ARM powered device. Automatic updates for apps are also improved, where open apps are skipped so as to prevent loss of work. These will be updated later.

Faster navigation all around to improve the browsing experience. And improved support for Android applications for the popup store experience, which now also supports free Android apps depending on the device compatibility and age rating.

Build 25131 Media Purchase Options

There are also enhancements where the user interface for movies and TV shows comes with an improved viewing option. You are able to see all your viewing options in a single list.

This new Microsoft Store update is rolling out to Windows Insiders in the Dev channel, meaning folks that are running anything less than build 25131 will not see these changes. Redmond is asking testers to take the new Microsoft Store for a spin and file any issues they find under the Feedback Hub.

Getting back to the build, there is a fair amount of fixed stuff in this version of the preview, as well as some known issue.

Details of all you can collect from the announcement post.