Surface Studio 3 spotted at the FCC

Surface Studio Colors

Things are getting real. Microsoft is planning a refresh of its Surface family for what are poised to be the very special 10th anniversary celebrations. And the Surface Studio 3 is invited.

While the exact specifications of what the company plans to launch at its October hardware event are under wraps, we continue to get little nuggets of information leading up to the gathering. These either come via folks close to the matter or the people over at the FCC.

This new document published earlier this week by the Federal Communications Commission details one such device.

A mysterious little Surface branded device that is being called “Desktop Computer”.

As you can guess, this is likely to be the Surface Studio as other machines fall under the “Portable Computer” category — units like the Surface Go/Pro/Laptop/Book or even the Duo.

Since any and all devices capable of wireless communication must pass through the FCC before being sold in the United States, this potential Surface Studio is no exception.

And by the looks of things, this alleged Surface Studio 3 has cleared the certification and has passed through its network and quality control tests.

Microsoft has been granted short term confidentiality on the documents and important test attachments for a period of 180 days, meaning the key details of this device are under cover until February 28, 2023.

But a handful of details have made their way out, including the fact that the Surface Studio 3 uses an Intel WiFi 6 compatible 802.11ax chip. It operates in both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz ranges thereby creating more available channels.

For better or for worse, that’s about the only information we can gather from this filing.

Details about the hardware specifications, features, and more importantly, pricing of this next generation Surface Studio 3 remains in the dark. We probably will get more insights either closer to launch or at it.

But, at least, we do know that Microsoft is also preparing a range of accessories for this device, so that’s another neat piece of early insight that we have.