Keyboard, mouse, and pen leak out for the Surface Studio 3

Surface Studio

Let’s go! The Surface Studio 3 is perhaps the most interesting member of the Surface family. Long overdue an update, this all-in-one (AIO) from Microsoft has not seen a refresh in four years.

This undeniably makes the Surface Studio 2 the oldest Surface computer that the company is selling — though the machine is out of stock as of this writing.

This also means that it is the only Windows 11 compatible device that houses the very old 7th generation Intel processor.

Those lucky few who have been waiting to get their hands on this impressive machine apparently do not have to wait too much now. That’s because, the buzz among the bees is that Microsoft plans to unveil a new refresh to its AIO at its upcoming October event.

And prior to the gathering, some new accessories that the company is planning for the machine have made their way out in the open.

Renders uncovered in the recently updated Surface app hint that Microsoft is readying a new keyboard and a new mouse to go with a new pen for the Surface Studio 3. And the designs show some rather neat changes to the accessories.

Take a look:

All three accessories feature a slick new design and color scheme alongside iconography that matches the Windows 11 style. The keyboard, in fact, not only has the updated Windows logo, it also comes with dedicated keys for emojis and widgets.

Here is how the new keyboard compares to the old one below.

Surface Keybard New Old

Of course, when it comes to distinct changes, only the keyboard offers noticeable upgrades. The mouse is virtually the same one that Microsoft unveiled back in 2016, while the only visible different on the stylus is the old school clip.

According to the report, Microsoft will bundle all three devices with the upcoming Surface Studio 3.

But for better or for worse, the machine itself remains an absolute mystery. Not much is known about it, other than the fact that Redmond will upgrade the internals with newer circuitry.

Perhaps, we will get some leaks at the very last minute to spoil the surprise?