This Windows 11 taskbar concept has too much Apple in it

Windows 11 Taskbar Concept Dock

The trusty old Taskbar in Windows 11 continues to evolve. Sometimes in straightforward fashion, other times in mysterious ways. But Microsoft is refining this key element with each new update.

Sometimes we get changes related to the UI, sometimes the company sneaks in yet another search element in there.

Point being, the Taskbar in the operating system never stands still.

This, taking into account the fact that this side of the OS has evolved significantly in Windows 11. Microsoft centered all the icons alongside the Start Menu, in the process giving the Windows desktop a modern look that many opined was inspired by macOS.

Taking cue from this transformation, even more concepts started making their way up promising even more radical changes to the Taskbar.

None more so, perhaps, than this new one that was shared on Reddit.


Windows 11 Taskbar Concept Dock

The concept proposes a massively resigned Taskbar that pretty much transforms the desktop Taskbar in Windows 11 into a clone of the dock that Apple floats on its macOS operating system. In other words, while the design looks good, it has too much of the fruity company DNA in it.

And this pretty much makes it a zero chance that Microsoft will ever go with something like this.

But there is no arguing that the design looks great as a fusion of the two platforms.

You have flyouts that normally sit in the system tray, and a dedicated shortcut to launch the notifications is also provided. Also included is a battery indicator. But the biggest addition, without a doubt, is the integration of an apps folder with a folder icon expanding to display more apps.

This is, of course, something that Microsoft is currently exploring for the desktop.

Yet, expecting Redmond to go with this approach is asking for the moon!