Window 11 22H2 may reach RTM in May

Windows RTM

Nice and early. There are reports that the next major version of the OS, going by as Windows 11 22H2, is on track to reach the coveted RTM status sometimes this month.

Though, naturally, nothing is ever guaranteed in the real of operating system development.

Microsoft, for its part, released Windows 11 build 22610 a few days ago. This version of the preview came loaded with small new features, and was made available to testers in the Beta and Dev channels of the Windows Insider Program.

Obviously, nothing major was in it, nothing in the form of a blockbuster addition. This build was mainly focused on squashing bugs and optimizing performance.

Despite this, one thing that caught the eye of users was the fact that the ‘technical preview’ watermark was not there on the desktop. This is usually an indication that a new major version of the OS is about to hit the RTM (return to manufacturing) status.

That is, the final bits of the OS would be handed off to vendors to put on their upcoming machines.

There are now murmurs that Windows 11 22H2 will reach RTM status this month. And multiple sources seem to hold this view.

On the opposing end of the spectrum, there are other voices that add to the degree of uncertainty here, saying that we should expect Redmond to finalize this version at the end of June. Goes without saying that we should take all of this with a healthy helping of salt, as nothing is confirmed yet.

What we do know is that Sun Valley 2, with is the codename of the 22H2 release, will be the only major update to the operating system this year.

This is the norm now, ever since Microsoft switched to an annual cadence.

Considering the fact that 22H2 could reach RTM status this month, now might be a time for you to enroll in the Release Preview or Beta channels as an Insider for a chance to get early access to the final bits ahead of general availability.

Redmond has been warning for weeks now that the Dev channel will soon start flighting Sun Valley 3 builds, which is the next version of Windows 11 destined to arrive in 2023.