Windows 11 Sun Valley 3 set for refined investments

Sun Valley

A cloud of mystery shrouds the Windows landscape as usual, with precious few details available regarding what Microsoft is planning for its flagship operating platform.

The company has, however, signaled a renewed focus on the OS during the Windows 11 launch event.

As part of this effort to boost the popularity of the operating system, Redmond moved parts of Windows development under the watchful control of Panos Panay. The result being that the developer experience teams are now part of the primary Windows team.

Windows had been on the backburner the last couple of years, with the software titan only shipping minor improvement to the OS.

But this is a fact that looks set to change.

Later this year, Microsoft will begin rolling out version 22H2 of the operating system, which goes by the codename of Sun Valley 2. This update will be similar to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update that did not bring much in terms of platform innovation to the operating system.

Beyond this is where the game gets more exciting.

Sun Valley 3 is something that has been referenced in a Microsoft document once before, and now another reference has popped up in a recent webcast by the company. And in true Microsoft fashion, there are hints scattered for this upcoming version of the OS.

Version 23H2 it goes by as, but Sun Valley 3 and SV3 are also codenames thrown around for it.

Sun Valley 3 Refined Investments

And as the above screenshot shows, PowerPoint Live notes mention something along the lines of “SV3 Refined Investments Next Step” pointing to greater focus from Redmond on the next big release of Windows 11.

It is too early to speculate on what exactly this version will bring, but it is likely that Sun Valley 3 will address the shortcomings of the new taskbar and tablet experience. Both are areas where the OS currently lacks in terms of code debt and missing features compared to Windows 10.

Although Microsoft has not confirmed anything yet publicly, but Copper preview releases are expected to arrive in the second half of 2022 when the company begins testing of Sun Valley 3.

We will see what those refined investments are, then.