Windows 10 version 21H1 only has three months to live

Windows 10 User

Another year, another Windows set for sunset. This time around the version of the OS that is set for retirement is Windows 10 21H1. It will soon bite the dust in a matter of months.

Three to be exact.

Microsoft has started notifying users that are rocking this version of the operating system that it plans to stop supporting all editions of Windows 10 21H1 on December 13, 2022. Beyond this date, the operating system will not receive any patches or security updates.

Customers, therefore, will be forced to opt for a newer release like 21H2.

Or, you know, Windows 11.

The fact that this version of the OS is about to reach end of support, Microsoft will most likely start force updating these users to a newer, supported version of the operating system.

That’s because the company allows Windows users to stay on their preferred release as long as it remains supported. But a few months before the retirement date, the inevitable migration process kicks in automatically.

According to the June 2022 report from AdDuplex, Windows 10 21H1 still commands a very respectable market share. It has around 21% to its name. Meaning, a big chunk of these users will either be updating their operating system themselves or watch Microsoft do it for them.

Windows 10 itself, however, is in no danger of hitting end of support status. Redmond has confirmed plans to support it until October 14, 2025.