Windows 11 build 22621 takes to the sky, ISO available

Windows 11 ISO

Insiders have recently been treated to a couple of Windows 11 preview builds. While build 25115 lit up the night sky in the Dev ring, folks in the Beta channel got their hands on build 22621.

This version of the preview brought with it improvements to Taskbar and the File Explorer, among other things. And Microsoft also made this build available in ISO form for those of you who want to take it for a spin as a clean install.

The announcement post has the key details regarding this release.

And it is basically Microsoft taking another step towards the launch of the first big feature update for the operating system. This is pretty much the company evaluating the RTM for OEMs and consumers, the final build version that it will settle on.

As previously mentioned, the software titan is on the verge of finalizing Windows 11 version 22H2, and build 22621 is one of the release candidates. That is, if we go by people close to the matter.

There is also the little fact that this version introduces no new features or major improvements.

This is a clear enough sign that Windows 11 22H2 is very much ready for action, and the future builds released for this version of the OS will only include some slight tweaks and no major adjustments to the operating system.

In fact, this preview update itself only contains a small set of fixes that improve the overall experience.

Redmond improved the activity detection for voice access, meaning you will notice a better usage experience during live captions and voice typing. The company also fixed a peculiar issue whereby pressing the infamous Ctrl + Alt + Del keyboard shortcut would crash explorer.exe.

You can glean the full details at the link above.

The ISOs for the new build 22621 have also been released and can be downloaded here.