Windows 11 Media Player can now easily rip CDs


Party like it’s 1999! Microsoft has released an update for the Windows 11 Media Player adding in the handy ability for the program to rip CDs quickly and easily all under one roof.

This new feature allows you to save content in a variety of file formats.

And should come in handy for people that have a large collection of audio CDs that they want to digitize.

As Microsoft outlines, this welcome features follows the introduction of CD playback support back in March of this year. It should slot right in with support for this disc format, and is another step in the quest to make the new Media Player feature complete.

For this reason, functionality like this makes sense in the long term.

Media Player CD Ripping

Support file formats in this release include AAC, WMA, FLAC and ALAC, which means that the more popular MP3 format misses out.

Now, while for many people out there, CD ripping may feel like a super outdated feature, and nothing to write home about, there still are many folks out there who possess a sizeable collection of discs. These users are the ones that will find this new addition most useful.

The new CD ripping functionality is available as part of version 11.2206.30.0, which like the newly released Camera app is only available to Insiders enrolled in the Dev channel of the preview program.

This version will make its way out for everyone in due time, after due testing.