Windows 11 Task Manager about to get a splash of color

Windows 11 Task Manager

The Task Manager in Windows 11 has finally been getting its due attention, with Microsoft updating this key component of the operating system with additions large and small.

In fact, the last couple of preview builds of the OS came with significant changes including a refreshed user experience, new icons, dark mode, menus in the panel on the left side as opposed to tabs, and even an efficiency mode.

Now, it appears that another welcome little change is in development.

The Task Manager has, for quite some time, used a yellow or mustard color heat map to show resource utilization per service. It is this area that Microsoft has decided to make more colorful by integrating the Windows 11 accent colors with this heat map.

This is how the new design looks:

Windows 11 Task Manager Colors

Redmond showed this off in the latest Windows Insider webcast, which you can catch here.

The company also confirmed that the Task Manager will not only respect the accent colors but also the overall theme of the operating system like light or dark.

A small cosmetic change this may be, but it enables Windows 11 to be more consistent in its overall design. Additionally, it also allows user to personalize the OS to their liking, with their changes reflecting in the Task Manager.

It is, after all, one of the more used system components of the Windows platform.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, the build showcased in the video is not the one that will be flighted to Insiders later this week. However, this ability to personalize the Task Manager will definitely land in a future build.

Can’t hardly wait!