Windows 11 was announced one year ago today

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What a wild ride! Windows 11 was formally announced as the successor to Windows 10 exactly one year ago today, in what was to be a surprise move from Microsoft.

The company had been adamant that Windows 10 would be the final version of Windows, and only updates will be released for it perpetually. A number of company officials were on record claiming this to be the case.

But, all of a sudden, come June 24, 2021, Microsoft officially announced Windows 11 as the next major version of its Windows operating system.

Prior to the occasion, some early details and leaked screenshots made their way to the web. The first preview builds of the new OS followed on June 28, but not after Redmond had details the new operating platform and explained some of the new features it would bring.

Discourse surrounding the new OS soon pivoted to the stringent hardware requirements Microsoft had in place, which turned out to be rather easy to bypass.

Interestingly, while the software titan promised a whole bunch of new features for Windows 11, not many of them made the cut in the launch version of the operating system. Abilities like native support for Android apps, for example, were a late addition to the OS.

Windows 11 launched on October 4, admittedly not fully baked.

Over the months, the company added and refined its feature set. Though there are no two words on the fact that the new operating system had a bumpy road from launch till now. At least, it is steadily finding new admirers, and the hardware partners are doing all they can to unveil their new wares.

With the first feature update for Windows 11 on the horizon as version 22H2, Microsoft has been busy both adding new capabilities and bringing back the options it had removed.

But the job is not done.

There is talk that the software titan wants to go all in with the next feature update for Windows 11, currently in development under the codename Sun Valley 3. This is the version that many folks have an eye on to really see how far along Microsoft is in its dream to redefine the Windows platform.

How has your experience been with Windows 11? What are your views on it? Has it grown on you, or did you love it from the start?

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